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Design by:  Nazar Miller

Trellis Two

Designed by Bernard ter Hoeven

"The Trellis Chair has come about as an act of resistance to the grey monotony of life in 2020."

"This chair has an 18th-century Rococo predecessor, designed by Johann Michael Bauer. The trellis has been retained as a direct quote, around which new shapes were created. The new chair frames its foliage within contemporary aesthetics, and also gains a dimension derived from the animal world."

"The chair’s front reveals a riot of unruly foliage engaged in a struggle with the order-imposing rectilinear trellis. Seen from the side, the legs express an animal-like grace and limberness, and an urge towards movement, frozen in just the instant before the jump."

"No two chairs are quite the same. Each chair has a unique pattern to the leaves, so as to enhance the sense of actual living nature emerging through the trellis. The hand-painted finish consists of several layers of differently tinted milk paint and natural oils, the final look varying with the pressure and movements of the maker’s hand and the structure of the wood."

(From the London Design Festival 2021 press release.)

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